Change-Making In a Changing World


How do you change a changing world?

If you are like me, you want to feel that you have the ability to make a difference – that somehow the future (and the actual lives of people) will be different because of your presence, relationships and actions. You want to grow. You want to deepen your approaches to leadership, communication and strategic thinking.

Together we want to close the gaps in food, housing, education, and employment in the Twin Cities and beyond.  

To do so we need solid, research-backed paradigms and tools. We need frameworks that simplify complex topics without losing substance. However, gone are the days of trusting one paradigm or personality or author or book to meet those needs. So we search for even just tidbits of useful knowledge wherever we can: A conversation here. A Tweet over there. A book when we have time. Of course, it’s all part of an effort to cultivate a life of understanding, growing and being.

But where do we go to dig into deeper paradigms about how the world and its inhabitants work? They are difficult to find.

I’ve been there. In the last few years I’ve met and worked with leaders from the non-profit world, social entrepreneurs and movement-makers, as well as seasoned business executives. Many of us are asking the same questions about this quickly changing world we find ourselves embracing.

That is why I'm really excited to share a paradigm of human growth and development that helps to explain culture, human development and human behavior. I'm confident in the material because I didn't make it up!  

I’ve been dreaming about bringing a group of people together and share its “inner workings.” To interact together with its concepts. So I’m hosting and presenting a workshops to do just that.

The promise of "Making Change in a Changing World" is that it brings growth in a carefully balanced blend of new insights, intentional interaction, discussion and relationship.

It’s not all theory. The chemistry of content and people will inspire adaptive and strategic moves, propelling us into the future together. But I’ve said too much. Join me for a workshop. 

Tim Schuster is the Founder of Midtown Company, an organization that supports social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals who are aiming to make great change in the world.